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pshhhhh - Music in the Blood

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Previous Entry pshhhhh Jan. 3rd, 2005 @ 09:57 am Next Entry
i don't neeeed members for a community goddamnit.

anyways, as i was saying.

remember when i bought the verve's best of? i knew you wouldn't. but anyway, i wanted to talk about my philosophy on best of's. first off, on a very shallow level, i think that best of's are insulting to any band and to anyone who buys them. they're like a disgrace. buying one is like saying
"i don't really care about this band that much, but i like that one song of theirs, so instead of trying to find all their albums to get to know them, i'm going to buy their best of because i like cheating".
there are only two ways you can own a best of with dignity;

-a particular artist has more than a dozen albums, and having a best of will help you pick and choose which albums to buy first. say if you were to buy david bowie best of. he has about 20 albums. you wanted to get into david bowie and you decide to buy his best of with the intention of buying most, if not all of his albums over a period of time. a best of helps you choose which albums you want to buy depending on which songs you like.

-if you own all of said band's albums, and said best of has a few un-released songs on it. only if you have ALL of their albums.

those are the only two ways.
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