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Music in the Blood

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I don't know if anyone cares for this community anymore but... Mar. 30th, 2005 @ 03:11 am
Hey! I need some help.

I've started a community for Radiohead, called down_the_liffey, and I was just wondering if anyone was interested in helping? The things I need help with are on the user info. If you cannot help, you are more than welcome to join, because you get so much Radiohead stuff, it's crazy!


thoughts on the replacements Jan. 21st, 2005 @ 11:34 am
alrighty, so, uh...

yes, indeed. of course, one of my very favorite bands of all time are the Goo Goo Dolls. but that's pretty much because i grew up with them. they were there in '95 when i was 8 years old with 'name', and they were there in '98 when i bought 'dizzy up the girl'. (one of my first cd's; still one of my favorite cd's) and i love johnny's voice and their sound. i can't help it if i do. anyway, just recently, i bought a replacements album because it was rumored that the goo goo dolls sound exactly like them. the rumor was right. now i'm not sure if i should be mad. i usually hate it when a band rips off another band. like, Vanilla ice and Queen for example. should i be mad?
What they feel like:: confusedconfused
Sounds in the blood:: Pixies

why i hate emo Jan. 11th, 2005 @ 07:52 am
alrighty, i finally figured out why i hate emo so much.

emo is like your whiny younder sibling whose life is actually good, but they continue to whine about how much it sucks.


pshhhhh Jan. 3rd, 2005 @ 09:57 am
i don't neeeed members for a community goddamnit.

anyways, as i was saying.

remember when i bought the verve's best of? i knew you wouldn't. but anyway, i wanted to talk about my philosophy on best of's. first off, on a very shallow level, i think that best of's are insulting to any band and to anyone who buys them. they're like a disgrace. buying one is like saying
"i don't really care about this band that much, but i like that one song of theirs, so instead of trying to find all their albums to get to know them, i'm going to buy their best of because i like cheating".
there are only two ways you can own a best of with dignity;

-a particular artist has more than a dozen albums, and having a best of will help you pick and choose which albums to buy first. say if you were to buy david bowie best of. he has about 20 albums. you wanted to get into david bowie and you decide to buy his best of with the intention of buying most, if not all of his albums over a period of time. a best of helps you choose which albums you want to buy depending on which songs you like.

-if you own all of said band's albums, and said best of has a few un-released songs on it. only if you have ALL of their albums.

those are the only two ways.
What they feel like:: accomplishedaccomplished
Sounds in the blood:: the verve

a dave lowe certified grab bag Dec. 28th, 2004 @ 08:52 pm
I picked up Cathedral's The Ethereal Mirror today. Good rocking heavy metal CD. Lee Dorrian is so awesome. Here the guy goes from the uber-death heavy slaughter fest Napalm Death complete with growling death metal madness to 70's retro Black Sabbath worship. Actually its not that cheerful. You can tell Lee was trying to take the band in a more stoned out doomy direction, but you can still hear the Napalm Death in there. Yes some of the songs drone on and on.. but there are some sprightly numbers like the "heavy metal disco" Midnight Mountain. Cathedral cought a lot of shit for this song both from death metal heads who thought that Lee Dorrian sold out and from sludge fans who thought the band sold out by not writing another uber-sludge fest like their previous effort, Forest of Equilibirium. I love the song.. half way through it breaks into this sort of funky wah pedal groove and Lee Dorrian goes "CAN YOU FEEL THE GROOVE!!!!" its awesome. The rest of the album is pretty good... my other favorite song is "Ride" which was supposed to be the big hit single. This CD came out in '94 i think.

I finished my CD. Titled Spiderwear Junction and clocking in at just under a half hour... these ten songs capture the essence of everything i've said for the last couple of years. It starts out with the all guitar instrumental "Scuba Steve" (yes, its about a didlo) goes to the (dare i say) pop-punk of "the Depot Theme" then on to the fuzzed out and phased out "Old Sawtooth." Up next is "Heavy Metal Wedding," which i wrote during the summer of sophmore year. Then i wear my love for Black Sabbath on my sleeve with "Blach," where i try doing my best Buzz Osbourne. We take a short instrumental break here with "Midnight" then continue the madness with the riffy "Die Young," another mega-distorted paen to Black Sabbath (except with some Ramones thrown in half way through, if you can imagine). "Puce Laments" is a heavy metal song that completely obliterates the competition with its winning combination of satanic lyrics and down tuned power riffing. "Stripe" is the power ballad, its pretty good. Closing up shop is the keyboard heavy instrumental "Solitude" You can hear some of it at myspace.com/davelowe, or you can ask me for a copy.
Sounds in the blood:: Cathedral - Midnight Mountain
Other entries
» Ramones
The best thing about the Ramones was they were awesome, and they were goofy. Music is too serious these days. How did things get this way? A band like Taking Back Sunday would never write a four chord song about the pleasures of sniffing glue. And that's why today's music sucks. But i mean... things aren't really funny anymore. Humor is saying "RICK JAMES BITCH!!!" even though he's dead and you're white. People have no sense of humor. And don't even mention Blink 182. Yeah, its perfectly fine to make a bunch of dumb dick and fart jokes, but when have they ever written a hit MTV song about dick and fart jokes? I'm begging you to prove me wrong here. If anyone has any examples of Blink 182 or any equivalent shitty band displaying some keen wit, please email me at Emilizedham@aol.com.
» the verve
so, i bought the verve best of. it was on sale for 9.99 so i HAD to. (at circut city, every wednesday and thursday you can get cd's for 9.99) Anyways, they had two songs on there from the urban hymns era that weren't released before; i have yet to listen to them because i was too busy noticing the different "bittersweet symphony"- they made it different! i supposed they had to because of the lawsuit, but still. i can tell there's at least 3 layers for the beat/rythum. there's a drum machine in there and it adds an extra little "binga-binga". the orginal beat/bass line goes- "boom, ba boom, ba boom boom boom" the new one goes "boom, ba boom, ba binga-binga boom boom boom". it's WEIRD. everything else is the same. goodamn. some of the other songs are different too. they sound clearer and newer.

in other news, i will get goo goo dolls' 'jed' and 'superstar car wash'. thank you Gerosa.
» let's get a dialogue going on about Kiss
what's not to love? they wrote some bitching tunes and wore some bitching makeup. i wish rock still had that comic booky sense of grandeur. there's too many bands out there trying to be too raw and honest. you just can't do it like that. you need to goof off sometimes, you need to be a cartoon character. and nothing is more cartoony than Kiss in an episode of scooby doo. if i'm ever on an episode of scooby doo, i will die a happy man. how about you? share your thoughts on scooby doo.
» still no car
i bought letting off the happiness by bright eyes. i think that if all bright eyes fans listen to this cd, they'll change their minds about listening to bright eyes. it's so out there. it has an element of obscurity, the kind that you can only get from a live show. this album is unpolished and under produced and unadulterated. i suggest all bright eyes fans buy this cd.
» All welcome
now that i have started this brand new community, all are welcome to join.
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